Our HQ in Luton is now fully refitted and ready for your visit. We've got all your wheel and tyre needs sorted, and you can wait in our clean and comfy reception area while we carry out the work.

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Do you have a race day coming up? Steering wheel off centre, or, car pulling to one side when you're driving?..

You need our alignment set up at sixonetwo.

Did you know you can help increase your fuel efficiency also?..

When your vehicle isn’t aligned correctly, your wheels aren’t working together they way that they should.

Because of this, your vehicle’s engine has to work a lot harder to propel you forward, and this reduces your car’s fuel efficiency.

With our master technicians at hand, If you need a complete racing set up with that perfect camber adjustment to help shave those milliseconds off your lap time, or, just a simple alignment to check things are as they should be.. We've got you covered.