CHRONOS #cadesalloys

Updated: Jun 10

Fresh for 2021, Cades are happy to introduce the new #cadesalloys CHRONOS.

Featuring a 10 spoke design, stretching all the to the outer rim with a subtle concave this is a great option for the new 1 series as shown on our customers 140i.

Available in 18", 19", & 20" and widths from 8.5 - 9.5.

Giving this little 'BM a perfect oem+ style, as you can see here on the 140i, the fitment is spot on.

Giving an aggressive stance and complimenting the 1 series curves.

We've now introduced further sizes to the range, so if you're running a square set up (same size front and rear) e.g. X Drive, or, staggered (wider rear wheels) we've got you covered.

Check out our customers pictures below:

Fancy a set?.. Give our sales team a call today to check availability.